This blog belongs to a 24-year-old with a full-time job at a neighborhood café. Me.

Oldest story in the book; small town chica, big city dreams – seemingly no particular Hollywood movie silver lining or plot twist to it yet.

Only so much can happen in a population ~350,000 city so I’ll milk every new experience, obsession and faintest whiff of romance for all they’re worth.

( I’m secretly banking on the idea that if I throw in an extra knob or two of butter where I can,

‘n keep things at low controlled heat…

…there’d be Golden-brown, Nummy, Buttery Liningto all this).

This is where I’ll be filing music finds, kitchen & travel notes, artwork – basically all of my precious little heart into proper categories for public amusement.


Before Nov. 18, 2017, I used to live here: www.wheresburger.tumblr.com




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